Bloomingdale's 100 Percent Campaign

Every spring and fall the Bloomingdale's fashion office works with hundreds of designers to create exclusive pieces. Our team was challenged to create a campaign that sparks excitement, complements the product and unifies all families of business from fashion to home. For spring 2017 we pitched multiple concepts from which "The Art of 100%" was chosen. I was the design lead for the team that created and developed the concept to be executed across all channels including digital, print, store visual and outdoor advertising. This process included:

- Creating and presenting pitch decks to other teams and senior management for approval

- Pulling and editing photo art direction that work across all families of business

-Sourcing options of artists to work with to create brush strokes and exclusive artwork to use as graphics across all channels

- Creating typographic solutions to solve for complex heirarchy in messaging

- Designing layouts for print and digital that incorporated the campaign graphics while still focusing on the product

- Creating digital wireframes for online microsite experience

- Video concepts and on-set video art direction for use in microsite, emails, homepages and digital media ads

- Design of Fashion Packed Life: A limited-run print mailer targeted toward Bloomingdale's most fashion-forward customers

- Partnering with teams across the organization to ensure implementation was cohesive and on brand